Bujama Dreams


 Patrick is the handsome, San Franciscan wizard of Mortgage Refinance. The market buoyant, he transacts for his and client benefit. Money and women now easy, his world will turn upside down. Travel to Latin America with his friend Alan will result in an epiphany.

Patrick and Serena meet cute. His little league team plays and Serena, a pretty and fit accountant, walks her dog. Serena's dog, chasing down a hit ball, is seized by Patrick and returned. Their attraction strong, they will meet again. Patrick tires of the pretentious 'lookers' who've caught his eye. Patrick's business strong, clients refinance property and realize consumptive dreams. Patrick and Serena become lovers, then the bubble bursts. The financial crises topples Patrick. His friend Alan has just come back from an extended assignment out of town and they meet. Teelong, an exotic Asian ex-lover who moved to LA, in in town for business. She runs into Patrick while he's with Alan. Alan leaves. Teelong uses her ample bosom to seduce Patrick as Serena enters the bar. Unseen, she observes his initial succumbing to Teelong's wiles, becomes furious and leaves. His boss closes the San Francisco office. Patrick takes a leave of absence. Smartly invested, he hasn't been wiped out. He joins Alan for a well-timed escape to Latin America.

First stop, Peru. At the Lima airport, Patrick sends a post card addressed to her dog at Serena's address. When in town, Patrick and Alan meet Pilar, a Peruvian friend who recently moved back after spending time in San Francisco where they met. Serena on Patrick's mind, the group spends the evening dancing. At sunrise, they are at the Bujama Beach home of the parents of one of Pilar's friends. Patrick sleeps on the beach and dreams of Serena. In Lima for one more day, they meet Pilar and more of her friends, Alan hooking up with one of them. They go to Cusco the next morning, a prelude to Machu Picchu. In San Francisco, Serena and her colleague/friend Jasmine go to a bar.. They are hit on. One of the suitors who failed with them finds a bimbo. They sit next to Serena and Jasmine, behave repulsively causing Serena and Jasmine to leave. In Cusco, Patrick and Alan, ready to trek to Machu Picchu, succumb to temptation and party more. After a less than satisfying evening they call it a night, yet Patrick is ensnared by a gorgeous, English speaking prostitute on a main square. Looking for a man, Serena is often on Internet dating sites. One date arrives half an hour late and has 'bullshit' photos on line. Patrick and Alan join a group on a 50 mile trek to Machu Picchu. Steep grades, thinning air, rainstorms and other expected adversities test their endurance. During the trek they have themselves filmed, doing celebratory dances, to chronicle the experience. Later, at Machu Picchu they have another watched by the beautiful Peruvian drawn to Patrick, Paz. Patrick and Alan dine with her. She and Patrick go off alone and share some intimate moments. Patrick learns that her name means 'peace' in English. This marvels him, her name like a synonym for serene, the feminine Spanish translation being Serena. Serena continues on line dating and meets Doug. They share a passion for red wine and meet at a wine tasting, then dine. He drives her home and she invites him up to share a superior red Bordeaux. While there, Doug tries to seduce the unwilling Serena which leads to sexual assault. She smashes the wine bottle on his head and calls the police. 

The next day, Serena receives the postcard Patrick had addressed to Leonardo. Now bitterly scornful of men, she sends Patrick a terse and less than friendly email of her experience with Doug. Patrick and Alan travel to Buenos Aires. They dine and go to a bar recommended by the waiter. A beer Alan buys for a lady there, $25!? Patrick chats nicely with another, but further talk and other relations will cost him. The waiter sent them to a bar/brothel. They leave. At a mall with Serena on his mind, Patrick sees a liquor store. Serena loves wine and Patrick buys her a gift. More filmed dancing but their attempts to meet women are rebuffed. Alan gets a taxi that takes them to the International Bar. It is foreboding place. Taken into one of the back rooms by older women, other women come out with champagne. Patrick and Alan attempt to prevent the older woman from opening it which causes it to smash on the ground. Patrick and Alan responsible for the 1000 peso bottle, 3 hulking men with baseball bats are summoned to insure payment. Patrick's days on the prowl are at an end. When informed of Serena's near rape experience, he resolves to return home and try to win her.

Patrick is back in San Francisco, but Serena wants nothing to do with him or any other man. Telephone messages are not returned. An E-mail is answered with the terse message 'just go away'. Undaunted, Patrick has an idea. Serena takes her dog for walks in the park on Saturdays. On this Saturday, a baseball is thrown to which Serena's dog gives chase, again pulling the leash from her hands. Patrick threw the ball, chases the dog and catches it. Serena takes her dog back and begins to walk off. But Patrick has a gift for her, the superior Argentine Malbec he bought in Buenos Aires. He runs after her and shows the wine. She is awed. They stand and look at each other for a few moments, then share a hesitant kiss. After pulling back, they fall into a deep embrace...


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