Reaping the rewards of his success, Saul’s brilliant, black and beyond his peers. The tacit racism he navigates is an annoyance. The financial collapse that topples this high-flying African-American is the real problem. Driven to engage with the avaricious Hedge Fund manager Evan in his latest scheme, Saul becomes ensnared in a major international scandal. He travels to Amsterdam visiting an important client. Under investigation by the Feds, Evan chases Saul to Amsterdam. Referred to a powerful and corrupt local law enforcement officer, Evan tracks down Saul.  The beautiful Clara toils as a prostitute in the fabled Red-Light-District there. Also a gifted painter, she and Saul had encountered each other during better times for both on one of his past visits. Current circumstance throws them together and her squalid world extricates Saul from Evan in triumph.  Saul becomes the conduit by which Clara’s artistic gifts are brought to the attention of an influential member of the New York art community.  Artistic dreams realized, Saul and Clara passionately bond.  ‘Pretty Woman’ meets ‘Jungle Fever’ and ‘In  Bruges’…but in Amsterdam.

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