After ejecting Holly, his easy romantic conquest of the night before, the gorgeous hunk Frederic goes to his job interview. At the offices of Progressive Search Partners, a ’headhunter’, he incites lust in Ashley, the receptionist and aces the interview with Viktoria, the firm's boss. He will start the next day.

As a farce, 'Cannibals' is so ridiculous that the fundamental Muslim Iranian will send his daughter Azar, a pious Muslim, to bring her twin sister back from ‘those filthy sinners in the west‘. Her encounters with Western prejudice begin at Airport Immigration. Next her westernized twin Sanaz enters and performs a striptease of orthodox Muslim clothing, a device to express her disdain for Iran and the way of life there.

Frederic begins his job. He and his new colleague Clement, the past his prime ‘headhunter’, clash over their relationships with Hogan-Meade and Willstein-Gray, competing consulting firms that hate each other yet both will want to hire Sanaz. Viktoria presides over their conflict with the firm belief that it'll be great to have a feeding frenzy for Sanaz, acknowledged as a wizard in risk management consulting. Sanaz then joins the trio as the object of their venal attention. The button to push on Sanaz is sponsoring her for a Green-Card. Another button appears, the intense mutual attraction between Sanaz and Frederic which annoys Ashley.

Will Hogan, managing partner of Hogan-Meade and Clement's client, voices objection to sponsoring Sanaz for the Green-Card. She, as a Muslim, will evoke the unwanted attention of the INS, FBI, Homeland Security, etc. Despite Clement’s protestations of Sanaz’s superior skills, Will refuses to ‘jump through all the permanent resident status hoops’ to get her said status. Sanaz has the best INS lawyer there is. She can get it herself.

Frederic encounters Azar, he mistaking her for Sanaz and in wonder at her clothing. Azar, desperate to find Sanaz learns that Frederic is connected to her. It is ‘Allah’s will’ that they meet. Frederic gives her his card, instructing her to call him.

During a sequence of cell phone conversations and call waiting tones Frederic tells Sanaz about Azar while Clement annoys Sanaz, insisting she meet Will Hogan and he will deal with the Green-Card issue. But when Will and Clement meet, Will reiterates his insistence that he will not sponsor her for the card. Next does a confused Azar stagger about the stage and is arrested. She doesn't have her Green-Card. Act one ends.

Viktoria’s office is inhabited by her, Frederic and Clement. Azar, in an outfit of black/white stripes with a ball & chain attached to her ankle, calls Frederic to tell him she’s been arrested. She had caused a commotion on the city streets while praying to Allah, clad in orthodox Muslim garb yet not in possession of her visa. Frederic goes to the prison, chiding the prison guard for violation of Azar’s constitutional rights of religious freedom. But for Azar, no visa, no release. To retrieve it, Frederic goes to the hotel Azar had been staying at, actually a whore-house where the lighting/sound suggest it is busted by the vice squad upon Frederic's arrival. He gets Azar's visa from her room while fending off the amorous attention of Libidree, the oversexed hotel desk-clerk. He returns to the jail which becomes the target of a prison break (Allah‘s will?). He and Azar flee, Azar is impeded by the ball & chain locked to her ankle, to be removed by Frederic using a stone to break the chain.

They return to the Progressive Search offices where Sanaz and Azar have a brief reunion. Marshall Willstein, Will Hogan’s nemesis, appears. He and Frederic take Sanaz into a conference room to talk of the job, a Green-Card and how everything that Sanaz has heard about Will Hogan doesn’t ring true. Will Hogan comes by to see Sanaz. He and Marshall become engaged in what appears a fight to-the-death. After they are separated, it is learned how both Sanaz and Will had been lied to about the Green-Card by Viktoria and Clement. Marshall manipulates the circumstance such that he will hire Sanaz, get her a Green-Card and not have to pay a fee to Viktoria. This angers her to the degree that she fires Frederic on the spot. Marshall tells Frederic to go out on his own and Sanaz will be his first placement, Willstein-Gray his first client. Frederic approaches Sanaz and postulates if there is anything he could do to speed up the immigration/Green-Card process, intimating he and Sanaz marry. Sanaz caresses Frederic chest as she expresses contented agreement with the words ‘I wonder’. Azar marvels at this and wonders that it may be Allah's will. She will return to Iran and tell their father that.

In the ensuing darkness, an airplane is heard taking off, then an announcement. An Iranian International Airways plane has been hijacked by Jerry Smith, a radical Christian preacher who demands the release of Christians held in Muslim prisons. If his demands are not met, he will fly the plane into the King Fahd Koran Printing Complex...

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