Orbiting Esmeralda

Imagine what would happen if a painter committed suicide at an auction of their work. Well, the painter Egon Pantovicz does exactly a few minutes in. It hammers home a newly stirred maternal desire in the childless title character who discovered the suicidal artist. Ah, pure market economics! The suicide was faked. The world’s richest man has a new business model; to reap the benefit of art pricing after an artist ‘dies’. Swirling about the title character are issues of art, money and stunted maternity due to a vehemently anti-paternal spouse. Others in her orbit are protege artists, lovers, romantic rivals and the master manipulator. Can she find the mutuality her romantic being so craves that will grant desired maternity and satisfaction? Throw together the strong, maternal parts of ‘Juno’ with the marital strife of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf’ and give it a mercenary twist.


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