Orbiting Esmeralda


Orbiting Ezmerelda' is tinged by the absurd. For EZMERELDA GOTTWALD (aka Ezzie), the respected curator protagonist, the artist's 'suicide' spurs a growing obsession to have a child. BARTON FISKE, known as 'God's portfolio manager' and richest man in the world, has begun an enterprise involving art and feigning deaths of artists to propel price levels of their work.

EGON PANTOVICZ, discovered by Ezzie, 'commits suicide' at an auction of his work. Take a wild guess what happens to the art pricing. She is there with Peter and MATT, her husband who is a real estate developer and art collector. But the suicide was secretly staged. Egon joins Barton upstage following the suicide, receiving Barton's compliments for a job well done. Also there is Barton's daughter TRUDY, Peter's lover/cohabitant.

Ezzie, Matt, Peter and Trudy dine together. Ezzie reveals she is to be on the curatorial team for the Elias Museum biennial, an event of titanic proportions. The inference is that Peter will be in the show. Matt casts a pall on the evening as he stubbornly refuses to be a father and states he should load up on work by Peter. How valuable it will become when he dies! Later at home as Ezmerelda appeases herself with the Tarot that Matt scorns.

Ezzie learns of Matt's attempt to sell the Pantovicz piece they own. Ezzie loves the piece. Matt's return home is met by Ezzie's scorn for this. Ezzie knows her menstrual cycle and is highly fertile so Matt being home is a good thing. He succumbs to her need but is not up to the task. His impotence at this moment rattles them both. DR. JITZ will not prescribe Matt Viagra due to Matt's irregular heartbeat.
Peter paints as Trudy models. Ezzie calls. She needs proofs from Peter for the biennial. Trudy is suspicious of Peter's relationship with Ezzie. Their history has been one where Peter has strayed often.

Matt's need to sell their Pantovicz annoys Ezzie. He succumbs to Ezzie's desire to read his Tarot. The reading is foreboding, both for Matt's enterprise as well as Ezzie's desired maternity. Matt scorns the reading, although Ezzie suggests the universe knows better than he does.

Peter visits to drop off the proofs. Ezzie is provocatively dressed, her language full of innuendo. She doesn't seduce him but he is uncomfortable and leaves.

The bubble bursts. Markets collapse around the world. Trudy meets Barton at his private club. They discuss current events and Trudy's suspicion of Ezzie and Peter. It's learned that Barton knows Matt. Barton then asks when Peter will be made known of their scheme and for Ezzie to be involved is a plus. Later, Matt having been wiped out, will talk to Barton about Barton's unique business model.

Ezmerelda is ignorant of the financial catastrophe and Matt comes home. They heatedly discuss the impact of the day's events. Learning Matt has sold their Pantovicz, she becomes incensed and leaves. Next stop, Peter. He's sketching and she visits to seduce him. Removing her dress, she wears only a thong and is all over him when Trudy returns home. There is a battle, Ezmerelda dresses and leaves. Peter is relegated to the futon for the night.

Ezmerlda wanders the stage cursing fate, then goes into a lounge upstage. In darkness voices dramatize her encounter with a Latin traveler who, afflicted by AIDS, must use a condom. What good is that? The next morning Peter has strayed again so Trudy leaves for her father's club. At Barton's club, he fields her relation of events the night before and imparts wisdom.

Ezmerelda comes home to Matt's 'where were you all night!?' They verbally battle about her suspected infidelity. Peter calls with an invitation to meet Barton at his club with Peter and Trudy.

At Barton's club they gather. Barton and Matt have formed a nasty little partnership and they play a video. Egon speaks from his palatial residence in the Alps of the opportunity to 'cash in'. The artist 'dies', but really doesn't. Barton has acquired all the artist's work he can before the 'death' after which the work becomes so much more valuable! By agreeing to the offer, the artist receives a palatial alpine residence and all material comforts provided for at the highest end. Peter balks at the offer and throws Trudy out.. The play concludes in darkness with a video of Barton with the US President on the White House lawn as they discuss his appointment as secretary of the treasury...

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