What’s My Phobia

 The new hit game show is What's My Phobia where the winning contestant will have figured out what scares the guest. Swifty Hasbern, an octogenarian, is a washed up Hollywood actor. Julietta Guittierrez, a middle aged Mexican woman and Menachim Goldstein, a young and brilliant orthodox Jew, the contestants. Preston Forgen enters in attire that evokes the Nazi SS dress code, sans Swastika. Preston's appearance becomes his soapbox for venting his phobia. His majestic Lily White USA is being overrun by 'Spics' who can't even speak English, by '...those fucking Japs' as the ethnicity of of the shows sponsor Toyota demonstrates; 'Where were you on December 7, 1941'. Preston storms off, his phobia, Xenophobia identified by Menachim. How did this hater ever get on the show and now they have reimburse him for his travel expenses?! At least he didn't win but Swifty must talk to Mr. Griffin about this one!
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