The Whatever Show

 There is much that demands comment. This Web-TV series provides some, relative to current and recently historical circumstance.

Bikinis and Burkas

Women in the Muslim world sometimes showing some skin?

Oscars & the Box Office

Curious how the awards for cinematic excellence don't always follow the money.


Has subterfuge, the art of getting away with it, become among the finest of arts many seek to master?

Bang Bang Shoot Shoot

Oh, that glorious American obsession for guns and the 2nd amendment!

Blood Money

With an American massacre of the innocent in Afghanistan, the US Defense Department's value of a human life is learned: 2,147,740 Afghanis (curious, the local currency known by the same term as a local resident) or $46,000.

We Are Family

In the infinite regression, everybody on earth is related, much to the chagrin of Neo-Nazis and white supremacists.


Can anybody really know 'god', that which is eternal and infinite where everything that we know as mortals on earth has a beginning and an end.

173 Billion Dollars

Markets may rise. Markets may fall. But can Europe ever put its fiscal house in order?

The Challengers

Presidential politics? Look back at the 2012 campaign for the absurdity the defines it.

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