Saul’s brilliant, black, beyond his peers and reaps the rewards! The tacit racism he navigates may be an annoyance, but the real problem is the global financial collapse that topples him from his pedestal. Evan Finer, the nasty Hedge-Fund manager, incites a major international scandal. It ensnares Saul while he visits Amsterdam for business. The antagonist chases him there and bribes a powerful Dutch cop. Enter Clara, the short and beautiful prostitute who toils in the city’s fabled Red-Light-District. Also a gifted painter, she endured, then ran away from a very difficult childhood in a home ruled by a tall and tyrannical mother. Clara dreams of the day when she is respected for her art. By providing the means to extricate Saul from the web of intrigue and bribery spun by Evan she is reciprocated and her dream becomes a reality. Saul’s good friend Emilio owns the de Stefano Gallery of Contemporary Art. Saul introduces her work to him and the film closes at an opening of an exhibition of her paintings there. This is a tale of modern love framed by the splendor of Amsterdam in a narrative where everybody’s got something to sell.  “Pretty Woman” meets “Jungle Fever” and “In  Bruges“…but in Amsterdam.

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