Orbiting Esmeralda (Click for link to virtual reading)

Barton’s the world’s richest man. His new “business”? Faked deaths of artists whose work he owns. About 5 minutes in, Egon’s the first. Take a wild guess what happens to the art pricing after his “suicide” at an auction of his work. Esmeralda (aka Ezzie) discovered him. Now she wants a kid! “No way”, says her spouse Matt! Barton’s daughter Trudy lives with Peter. Ezzie loves his art. Him too. The economy tanks, ruining Matt. Trudy walks in on Ezzie’s unsuccessful lure of Peter for his seed. Barton recruits Matt for his new venture and thinks Ezzie and Peter’s involvement would be ideal. But they have no interest! They’re in it for the art! The penultimate scene has Peter’s work on display at an important biennial Exhibition. He’s accompanied by the Esmeralda he impregnated.  In the final scene, which I envision under the closing credits, Barton’s sworn in as president.

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