Random encounters of a man and a woman punctuated by snappy dialogue as it explores vagaries of communication between the sexes.

Orbiting Esmeralda (Click for link to virtual reading)

The world’s richest man’s new business entails an artist’s fake suicide at an auction of his painting as the eminent art curator who discovered him obsesses about maternity, it vetoed by her fiercely anti-paternal husband as the global economy collapses.


See The film version of the script ‘Orbiting Ezmerelda’ was also  named a finalist in ‘Evolution, Mallorca International Film Festival.      


After university graduation, an intelligent and principled Adonis takes a job with a “headhunter” and triumphs over unscrupulous colleagues as he “gets the girl”, a Westernized Muslim whose devout twin introduces a farcical collision of Western and Muslim cultures.


In a world of indulgence, can the connection between a successful man and woman, both quintessentially superficial and self-absorbed, endure?

Bujama Dreams

The nasty misunderstanding drives the San Francisco couple apart and it takes the superstar salesman’s self-discovery on a subsequent Latin-American adventure to compel rescue of the charming lady accountant from a dating wasteland.  (Co-writer Braeden Mass}

Allahu Akbar

After a porn emporium encounter, it will take a bolt of lightening to resolve the conflict between two cross dressers, one an Arab Terrorist and the other an acrobat..


In Saul’s world everybody’s got something to sell as this African-American financier boldly navigates tacit racism and triumphs over economic collapse inciting scandal while an Amsterdam Red-Light District prostitute enchants him.

Nine Tenths of the Law (Click for link to short film)

The siblings don’t get along and their once wealthy father has died with no will as brother and sister battle over the last item of value; a 500 year old collectible guitar crafted by an eminent Cremona artisan.

What’s My Phobia

The new hit game show is What’s My Phobia where the winning contestant will have figured out what scares the guest. Swifty Hasbern, an octogenarian, is a washed up Hollywood actor. Julietta Guittierrez, a middle aged Mexican woman and Menachim Goldstein…


Into a malestrom of waspy Wall Street greed and deceit is thrown an orthodox Jewish quantitative
trading wizard who will triumph over insincere avarice and ‘get the girl’.


The door to the gate has been closed but the barred from boarding entomologist’s insect specimens which carry a virulent virus are in his checked baggage!


Dr. Pat Scarahm is a cardiologist who is the front man in human heart smuggling ring. Under the pretense of taking over his practice, he has set up shop in Dr. Thrawn’s office, Dr. Thrawn the first victim in the scheme…

The Meaning

After the drug/drink induced crash kills the French coke whore during her mobile fellatio and demolishes his sports car, the young and decadent urban achiever will soon learn that youth can be ‘wasted on the young’.