Windows of 2 hotel rooms directly face each other across a narrow street. In one room is the naked John, the other the naked Jane. They are going about their business and their gazes meet through the windows. They engage in intense ocular communication and, through gesture, agree to meet downstairs. The electricity that riveted their glances to each other in their bareness provides fodder for an immediate connection. It continues expansively through their verbal interaction, laced with commentary on lifestyle, attraction, lust, passion and need. They soon marry. Their honeymoon is a nightmare for both. Each lacks a mentality that would allow them to totally bond to one another. Through their dialogue we learn that, despite being on their honeymoon, they each have succumbed to lustful temptation. The schism that emerges results in the final scene where they are again both naked and going about their business in hotel rooms. When their glances meet through the windows across the narrow street, they close the window curtains.

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