The dark and beautiful Sanaz is a risk management wizard on the radar screen of every “headhunter” (cannibal?) in town and driven to get her green card. Azar is her identical twin where they have not seen each other for five years. Their father orders Azar, a devout Muslim, to go to America and bring her Americanized sister home.

Frederic is gorgeous. Now, just graduating with a mass of lady conquests in his wake, it is time to get a job and fall truly in love. An interview is scheduled with a recruitment consultant,, or “headhunter”. Ashley, the Progressive Search Partners receptionist almost has an orgasm at her desk when he arrives for his interview and inhabits the film farcically. Victoria, the boss who will show her nasty bite later, hires him right away.

Not only is Frederic gorgeous, he’s smart, well-connected and honest! Good thing. Clement also works there and he’s the scum of the earth. They both want to recruit Sanaz for competing clients that hate each other. Sanaz scorns Clement while succumbing to the charms of Frederic.

The identical twin arrives….these two girls look exactly alike but are so different! Mistaken identity and unbridled greed/deceit, et voila, Frederic and Sanaz are together following a wacky tale exploring issues driving ethnohuman relations and conflict.

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