The Meaning

Walter’s nearing 30 is undisciplined, decadent and a wizard architect. His eminent and older boss doesn’t have much choice. Walter’s work, snagging their last 5 commissions during a deep recession, propels the business and earns him a tidy sum.

At rise, Walter’s dragged upstage and thrown into jail cell. Last night’s escapades wrecked his car and slew the young French lady passenger. which leads to his arrest for DWI and Cocaine possession. Flashback to the wee hours as Walter staggers in after a night of some nastiness. This wakes his boss Ira. Ira’s livid! That morning they are to meet a top Real Estate firm and pitch their plans a pricey redevelopment on a decrepit lot. Tired of Walter’s shenanigans Ira fires Walter on the spot. The firing’s soon retracted. Walter’s in a position of strength, his work saving the company in a deep recession.  The very disheveled Walter goes to the bathroom. There he does cocaine, primps and, as fresh as a new born babe, returns to Ira. It’s soon learned the proposed site has been occupied by radical urban activists protesting the gentrification.  Walter shows the schematics he prepared, Ira in awe of Walter’s  brilliant idea, that “It’s doable to the satisfaction of all parties concerned!” They get the lucrative assignment.

A triumphant Walter visits his friend/coke at their upscale beach home. They entertain two beautiful French coke whores, one with very limited English. They talk, drink and do large amounts of cocaine. Walter’s friend goes out to the beach with one. Walter ostensibly tries to teach the other English. They do more cocaine, then go for a drive in his BMW. She goes down on his him while he drives. He climaxes, a crash and she dies. Walter’s found guilty of involuntary manslaughter, driving while intoxicated and possession of a controlled substance. He’s granted at a  a drug/alcohol REHAB. He also must pay a $500,000.00 fine and perform community service for the rest of his life.

A sympathetic mom and scornful dad visit in REHAB on his birthday. A self made success, dad considers Walter’s relative to his own journey. that “…No substance. No permanence. Everything’s just fun and games. When I was your age your mother and I  owned a home and she was pregnant…with you. Here you are now, almost 30, alone, broke and under a court order…and alive.” The REHAB allows  them to bring Walter home for a birthday feast cooked by his mom, to be returned by midnight.  His parents evoke Walter’s sincere expression of his folly, remorse for the consequences and ambition to rebuild his life.

Back in REHAB Walter’s visited by the furies. Isabelle’s brother visits and beats the hell out of him. Rebecca then visits. Not seeing each other since he was the object of a quintessential schoolgirl crush, they reminisce of that wild night they had in the Cabana at his parents beach club before  they both left for college the next day. He impregnated her and she had an abortion although they had never spoken since until this moment. She also tells of a bit of her personal tragedy. While married and pregnant, she had come home to her husband straying in their marital bed with ‘bimbo’. She has a miscarriage. These two damaged souls bond, share a tentative kiss and commit to meeting up when he gets out, expected soon.