Allahu Akbar

Short Film Synopsis

‘Max’, with prurient interest enters a pornographic video store. There ‘he’ espies an exotic ‘woman’ with whom he has an encounter. ‘He’ learns ‘she’ is Muslim. While shocked that a Muslim ‘woman’ would patronize such a shop, ‘her’ protestations of Muslim’s inventing orgies (i.e.: one Sultan with many woman) sway him. They rent ‘A Thousand and One Erotic Nights’ and return together to ‘her’ abode of Muslim splendor. When ‘Max’ initiates physicality, ‘he’ learns ‘she’ is a he, Khalid. An Islamic warrior, he lays in wait at porn shops dressed as exotic and beautiful bait to lure unsuspecting porn aficionados. In his lair does Khalid then withdraw a Scimitar to subject ‘Max’ to the fate that Allah has in store. But ‘Max’ is Maxine, also a cross dresser and an acrobat. Thus are all scimitar thrusts avoided. ‘Allah, smite this sinner’ is spoken by both. A bolt of lightening strikes Khalid.
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