Bujama Dreams

Once upon a time the US economy hummed. Patrick hummed along with it. For this anti-hero everything was easy. Bay Area residential Mortgage Brokerage to any and all with or without means. The conquest of a multitude of willing, yet vapid ladies. Then “she” appears, something very cute and certainly not vapid! But it’s hard. Gets a lot harder when his business is the straw breaking the camel’s back of ridiculous over-leverage in the economy…then the nasty misunderstanding. Cast adrift by the financial crisis and hesitant romance he saves his soul on a journey with a friend that takes him through South American landmarks, women and culture. His jilted ladyfriend staggers through a series of dating nightmares. He just can’t get her out of his mind so he cuts the trip short and comes home resolved to win her back. Imagine combining the best parts of an “Eat Prey Love” (of men) and “The Motorcycle Diaries” with a splash of “The Hangover “.

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