Saul King is brilliant, black and beyond his peers. Toiling in a “white-man’s world” and its tacit racism, he has wrested himself from the shackles of urban poverty to frolic, but not over-indulge, in a world of consumptive excess. His best client is based in Amsterdam where he will first encounter Clara van Haam. They experience an unconsummated love-at-first-sight. Saul returns to the United States. The cruelty of global finance wreaks its impact. The Mortgage/Sub-Prime meltdown induces a traumatic financial downturn that topples the high-flying African-American. He will succumb to the avaricious instincts of Evan Finer, for whom the alluring nymphomaniac works that has occupied Saul’s libido. Saul and Evan engage in an illegal transaction that will blow up into scandal.

Clara, a gifted painter. Also cursed by ill fortune. Her domineering mother hates her. Her revered, yet drunken artist/mentor beats her. She flees. The bizarre independence of prostitution in the Amsterdam Red-Light-District beckons and she realizes tremendous success selling her most intimate assets. This evokes the envy of a competitor who reacts violently.

Saul travels to Amsterdam. Visiting to consummate the deal around which he and Evan had illegally interacted, he again encounters Clara. Now a Red-Light-District prostitute, there is nothing to inhibit their union. Evan’s arrives in Amsterdam, armed with an organized crime referral to a powerful and corrupt Amsterdam police officer. Saul is abducted, but not before he has been introduced to Clara’s painterly gift. Circumstances result in a stirring chase through Amsterdam, for which no city can better host. Evan’s irrational and explosive nature cause him to be taken under the influence of authorities.

Although granted leniency for turning state’s evidence, Saul is heavily fined and banned for life from the securities industry. He has also brought Clara to the attention of his close friend who owns a top gallery. After years of eminence in the so-called “legitimate” world of investment banking, Saul realizes his truth. The artistic world is his fitting milieu. Again, he has manifested his power of artistic discretion as a conduit to artistic recognition, here for Clara. Another passionate connection for her, a union with Saul. The opening of her New York exhibition closes ENTERPRISING...

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