Random encounters of a man and a woman punctuated by snappy dialogue as it explores vagaries of communication between the sexes.

Orbiting Esmeralda (Click for link to virtual reading or see it on stage in the New York Theater Festival, scheduled for a 3 performance run to start Nov. 27)

The world’s richest man’s new business entails an artist’s fake suicide at an auction of his painting as the eminent art curator who discovered him obsesses about maternity, it vetoed by her fiercely anti-paternal husband as the global economy collapses.


See The film version of the script ‘Orbiting Ezmerelda’ was also¬† named a finalist in ‘Evolution, Mallorca International Film Festival.      


After¬†university graduation, an intelligent and principled Adonis takes a job with a “headhunter” and triumphs over unscrupulous colleagues as he “gets the girl”, a Westernized Muslim whose devout twin introduces a farcical collision of Western and Muslim cultures.